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Use HDPE - Outlast the rest by using the BEST!

The ProblemStrategic AdvantagesTactical Advantages

The Problem: Worldwide deteriorating infrastructure

On an international scale, sewer and other underground utilities are in need of installation, repair, and replacement. After decades of use and increased wear due to population booms, replacements are mandatory to maintain necessary environmental and safety standards, and pipe installation is required to keep up with community growth.

HDPE Highly Versatile
Breakthroughs in pipe technology now allow HDPE pipe to be used for many different applications including municipal, industrial, energy, geothermal, landfill, etc.
HDPE Environmentally Friendly
HDPE pipe is a non-toxic, corrosion and chemically resistant product which has a
long design life, making it one of the most environmentally sustainable options.
HDPE Extremely Durable
Unlike traditional metal piping, HDPE pipe better withstands freezing water and will not crack or break. It also serves as an excellent insulator with minimal heat transfer. Its ability to tolerate fatigue, surges and higher operating pressures make it a superior product.

The Strategic Advantages of HDPE Pipe Fusing ...
Managers and supervisors like HDPE pipe fusing technology because it has several distinct advantages:

  1. It’s ideal for multiple applications which allows one product to serve a variety of project needs.

  2. It’s extremely durable and weather resistant which delivers long-term economy, value and dependability.

  3. It’s an environmentally sustainable option.

  4. It offers an alternative to excavating which avoids costs associated with the restoration of landscaping, roads
    or driveways.

  5. It’s FM Approved meaning the HDPE pipe is subjected to more rigorous testing and meets local Code and
    jurisdictional installation requirements worldwide.

Before and After

The Tactical Advantages of HDPE Pipe Fusing ...

Engineers and contractors like HDPE pipe fusing technology because:

  1. It’s flexibility and light weight make it an ideal choice for almost any method of installation including
    trenchless installation.

  2. Installation safety is increased because butt fusion joints eliminate the need for thrust blocks.

  3. HDPE pipe is leak-proof because it is joined by heat fusion, electrofusion and various mechanical joining

  4. It’s safe for water distribution because it contains no additives or compounds that can leach from the
    pipe to compromise water quality.

  5. It has superior flow characteristics due to its smooth inner surface and is resistant to corrosion and
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