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Road Milling

Save time and money and reduce the environmental impact using the most advanced technology available.

The ProblemStrategic AdvantagesTactical Advantages

The Problem: Worldwide deteriorating infrastructure

On an international scale, road infrastructure is in need of repair and replacement. After decades of use, extreme weathering, and increased wear due to population booms, repairs are mandatory to maintain necessary safety and sanitation standards, lengthen the life of existing infrastructure, and reduce further damage. The PM102 Cold Planer provides many advantages and solutions to restore decling pavement.

Road Milling

This dependable and versatile machine is cost-effeotive due to its high
productivity and since materials can be recylcled, fuel from trucking is saved.

Road Milling

Restoration With Minimal Interruption
Easily reestablishes drainage flow and curb reveal and the textured, even surface left behind can immediately be opened for traffic.

Road Milling

100% recycling/stabilizing of existing road materials saves money and
oonserves rapidly diminishing natural resources. Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) can then be intermixed with virgin materials to create stronger mixtures that are proven to last longer and perform better than conventional asphalt mixes

The Strategic Advantages of the PM-102 Cold Planner...
Managers and supervisors like the PM-102 Cold Planer because it has several distinct advantages over previous rehabilitation metHDDs -

  1. The reclaimed material from job sites1can be used on current or future projects which reduces material and
    job costs as well as environmental impact.

  2. The remaining textured surface provides skid control and improved bonding.

  3. The generally lower cost extends maintenance budgets and allows for more miles of pavement rehabilitation.

  4. It offers minimal traffic interruption and public inconvenience since vehicles can drive on the new surface immediately.

  5. Advancements in fuel consumption, productivity and operator controls make it a highly efficient and reliable
    machine which saves time, money and resources.

The Tactical Advantages of PM-102 Cold Planner...
Engineers and contractors like the PM-102 Cold Planer because:

  1. Engineers and contractors like the PM-102 Cold Planer because.

  2. Its folding conveyor reduces machine dimensions making it easier to transport.

  3. Two speed ranges allow the machine to operate at maximum torque 3throughout the entire milling process
    or at faster travel speeds for moving around the job site.

  4. The electronically controlled antistall system allows for maximum production.

  5. The collecting conveyor's width measures in at 550mm (21.6") and is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor for maximum efficiency.

  6. The hydraulically operated anti-slab device prevents slabbing of the road surface, protects the collecting
    conveyor and ensures an optimum discharge opening to the rotor chamber.

  7. Pressurized water controls belt dust.


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