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Sewer Cleaning

Save time and money and reduce the environmental impact
using the most advanced technology available.

The ProblemStrategic AdvantagesTactical Advantages

The Problem: Worldwide deteriorating infrastructure

Buried below streets and highways, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure systems are hidden municipal assets that need to be maintained in order to function. Neglected sewer line maintenance can result in the buildup of grease deposits, root infiltration, dirt and debris deposits - all of which constrict flow, reduce capacity and can result in flood damage to government property and residential homeowners.

Sewer Cleaning Competitive Pricing
Breakthroughs in sewer cleaning technology have greatly increased efficiency and reduced costs, which has a positive impact on your bottom line.
Sewer Cleaning Experienced Operators
For 34 years, Hank’s has taken pride in its workforce and their ability to adapt to
an ever-changing industry.
Sewer Cleaning State-of-the-Art Equipment
Upgrades and new additions to Hank’s fleet of sewer cleaning trucks have increased efficiency, safety, and performance, all while reducing fuel and water consumption and decreasing noise. These improvements have allowed Hank’s to stay cutting-edge and be highly effective on the job site.

The Strategic Advantages of Cleaning Sewers/Pipelines...
Managers and supervisors like cleaning sewers/pipelines with the Vactor® 2100 Plus because it has several distinct advantages:

  1. Improvements to the Vactor® 2100 Plus are producing up to 34% better fuel economy and using up to 10% less water, positively impacting the environment and the bottom line.

  2. New water pump technology delivers maximum pressure and blasts caked on pipe debris, improving job time
    compared to older models.

  3. Advancements to the boom and hose reel’s range of motion allow operators to reach numerous inlets without
    moving equipment, saving time and reducing job site interruptions.

  4. New equipment features and updates to existing systems make the Vactor® 2100 Plus more reliable, helping to keep projects on time and on budget.

  5. Hank’s has over 34 years of experience in the sewer line cleaning industry and operators quickly adapt to challenges and differences between each project.

The Tactical Advantages of Cleaning Sewers/Pipelines...

Engineers and contractors like cleaning sewers/pipelines with the Vactor® 2100 Plus because:

  1. The Vactor Jet Rodder® water pump blasts through pipe debris which saves more time, water and fuel.

  2. The fully hydraulic boom rotates up to 180 degrees and the hose reel telescopes forward and backward
    up to 15 inches to allow for cleaning multiple inlets without moving the truck.

  3. Improved safety features alert supervisors, operators and ground crews if machine errors are occuring
    and offers a troubleshooting tool to quickly diagnose fault codes or operational problems.

  4. Hydro-excavation enables the operator to pot-hole for utilities with a no-dig approach, meaning there is
    less danger for damage.

  5. The decant system allows the operator to discharge water back into the sewers while separating the
    solids which translates into less time spent dumping off liquids.

Vactor 2100

The Best In Sewer Cleaning Technology

For over 40 years, Vactor® has been the leader in sewer cleaning
innovation. The latest addition to the Vactor® fleet is the Vactor® 2100 Plus, which is armed with the IntelliViewᵀᴹ electronic system, the exclusive multiflow system, and the Jet Rodder® water pump. It’s also equipped with a quieter engine and water pump and a fully hydraulic boom which rotates up to 180 degrees, allowing the operator to place the vacuum hose in hard-toreach areas. When you add these and many more impressive features, you’ll see that the Vactor® 2100 Plus is one of
the safest and most efficient sewer cleaning trucks in the industry.


Single Piston Water Pump

The Vactor Jet Rodder® water pump is the only pump that produces a “Jack Hammer” action to help futher
break up debris caked on pipe walls and provides additional continuous flow cleaning power to bust through
obstructions in the line.


Ensures Better Performance

Innovative features on the Vactor® 2100 Plus allow the operator to set flow at a lower rpm, which results in a
better fuel effiency without sacrificing performance. In addition, a lighter, more balanced fan design allows for superior airflow, thus increasing vacuum pressure by as much as 20%.

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