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The ProblemStrategic AdvantagesTactical Advantages

The Problem: Worldwide deteriorating infrastructure

On an international scale, sewer and other utilities are in need of inspection, repair and replacement. Most are located in congested urban areas, under buildings, roadways or expensive landscape, and are surrounded
by other utilities. With estimated utility replacement costs in the billions over the next 20 years, repair work is often selected over replacement due to tight municipal budgets. Without proper inspections, pipe degradation and intrusions may go undetected until system backups demand attention.

coming soon Manhole and Sewer Line Inspections
Regularly scheduled inspections help determine which pipes are in need of the most urgent repair and provide detailed reports for future planning.
Sewer Televising

Sewer Line Repairs
With limited budgets and resources, it is important to identify and repair sewer lines that are causing system backups and leaking contaminants into the soil.

Sewer Televising Sewer Line Replacements
After decades of use, especially in high growth areas, inspections may determine that repairs are insufficient and total replacement is necessary.

The Strategic Advantages of Sewer/Pipeline Televising...
Managers and supervisors like televising sewer/pipeline technology because it has several distinct advantages over previous rehabilitation methods:

  1. It allows operators to assess the condition of a sewer line in real time.

  2. It can reveal blockages from debris, roots, and grease; show cracks, breaks or deterioration of a pipe.

  3. It reduces the risk of injury from manual inspections.

  4. It offers detailed diagnosis without the need for excavation, saving time and money.

  5. It helps utility companies evaluate the effectiveness of their maintenance procedures.

  6. It ultimately cuts down the number of sewage backups in municpal and residential areas due to low pipe flow

The Tactical Advantages of Sewer/Pipeline Televising...

Engineers and contractors like televising sewer/pipeline technology because:

  1. Specialized equipment can operate on a minimum of 1,000 feet of multiconductor

  2. TV cable and can inspect sewer lines from 6 inches and up.

  3. Laser Diodes combine the latest laser beam technology with an advanced digital video caliper for measuring
    pipe defects and other abnormalities without the need to enter the pipeline.

  4. Pan-tilt and optical zoom cameras record video inspections which enables crack measurement while
    eliminating spherical and barrell distortion and pin cushioning. Sewer lateral inspections are completed without homeowner intrusion.

  5. Laser profiling is able to produce pipe degradation measurement accuracy within +/- 0.1% with onboard HDTV cameras and produces a digital pipe profile for repair planning.

  6. Manhole inspections can provide a quick and accurate assessment of confined spaces without entry.

Cues Compact Pipe Ranger

Multi-Conductor Wheeled Transporter

The most advanced CCTV camera transporter on the market. The CUES
Compact Pipe Ranger® operates on 1,000+ feet of multi-conductor TV
cable and can inspect sewer lines from 6 inches and up. CPRs include
full-proportional steering to traverse meandering pipe and easily operate around 45 and 90 degree turns with superior pulling power.

Lite Stick

Portable Inspection Camera

The CUES Lite Stick® is the only 100% wireless system on the market. This completely hand held inspection camera provides full color/infrared
video and its high-tech design allows inspection with low wattage LED lighting. It easily inspects pipelines, manholes, vessels, tanks, and
other internally confined space/entries.

Cues Lamp II

Lateral & Mainline Probe I & II

The latest in lateral and mainline inspection equipment, the CUES
LAMP II® accomplishes a one-pass mainline inspection with a simultaneous adjacent lateral inspection. The lateral camera includes a
built-in auto upright feature which keeps the image stabilized at all
times and a Sonde for locating in metallic and non-metallic pipes.


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