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Save time and money and reduce the environmental
impact using the most advanced technology available!

The ProblemStrategic AdvantagesTactical Advantages

The Problem: Multiple land management obstacles

On an international scale, contractors and land owners are looking for competitive options and distinct advantages in land management. When faced with limited budgets and projects that contain many obstacles - some that require various pieces of machinery - making an informed decision can be difficult. Time, money and environmental impact should all be considered in that decision.

Tree/Brush Butting Fast
Removing trees & brush with the Slashbuster® is far more efficient than hand saw cutting, plus it reduces the need to move equipment with its extra long reach.
Tree/Brush Butting Economical
Improved safety features and better technology allow one person and one piece of machinery to handle most jobs, thus cutting labor and equipment expenses.
Tree/Brush Butting Environmentally Friendly
Mother Earth approves because:
• It eliminates burn piles and the possibility of fire escape
• It doesn’t tamper with air quality or visibility
• Cuttings are mulched into the soil which encourages nutrient cycling
• Habitat quality is improved
• Using tracked equipment provides low ground pressure

The Strategic Advantages of Slashbuster® Tree & Brush Removal...
Managers and supervisors like Slashbuster® tree & brush removal technology because it has several distinct advantages over other removal metHDDs:

  1. It can do the work 10 to 20 times faster than cutting brush with hand saws.

  2. It eliminates burn planning, monitoring and the possibility of fire escape plus, it quickly gains public approval
    since it doesn’t affect air quality.

  3. Since all cuttings are mulched into the soil, the costs of trucking debris from cleared areas are cut.

  4. Being attached to a tracked excavator (which have ground pressures of less than 5psi) allows work in sensitive areas, while being light on the land.

  5. Increased safety features and more efficient technology reduces the need for additional workers and
    machinery, thus cutting labor and equipment expenses.

The Tactical Advantages of Slashbuster® Tree & Brush Removal...

Engineers and contractors like Slashbuster® tree & brush removal technology because:

  1. One person and one machine can do it all.

  2. The Slashbuster® and excavator are able to maneuver steep slopes and uneven terrain with ease.

  3. The slower (and adjustable) RPM design safely contains debris.

  4. The automatic wire shear helps prevent stalling of the cutting disk.

  5. The long reach of the excavatormounted brush cutter increases productivity by reducing carrier movement.

  6. It has the ability to operate underwater which makes clearing debris from drainages and around bridges possible.
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