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Cellular Concrete Pumping

Cellular Concrete, what is it?

Cellular Concrete is composed of a preformed foam, cement, water and small, discrete air cells. Once mixed with water and pumped with fixed volumes of air, the preformed foam has the consistency of shaving cream. This light, fluffy material is then combined with cement and more water in a conventional rotary mixer to distribute the air voids uniformly and form the highly stable cellular structure.

Cellular Concrete Auto-Foam Generator

Portable and Highly Productive

In the auto-foam generator, the foaming agent is diluted in water to make a pre-foaming solution. From here, the pre-foaming solution is expanded with air into foam. It is this fluffy substance that is pushed down the foaming nozzle and then mixed with cement and water. Bubbles created in the auto-foam generator are stable and able to resist the physical and chemical forces imposed during mixing, placing and hardening of the foamed concrete.


Cellular Concrete Pumping

On an international scale, sewers, roads and other underground supports are in need of repair. After decades of use, natural disasters, and increased wear due to population booms, repairs are mandatory to maintain necessary safety standards, lengthen the life of existing infrastructure, and reduce further damage. Cellular Concrete is the answer to a variety of construction problems.


Using a pump enables rapid installation, plus its self-leveling quality can eliminate or minimize spreading, raking, floating and other construction operations.


Generally lower in cost than alternative load-reduction methods because of raw material savings (no gravel and less sand required) and more foam volume.


Ideal for a myriad of uses:


  • Beneath roadways, bridge ramps, buildings and other structures
  • Backfill for tunnels, waterlines and sewers
  • Provides shock absorption in earthquake zones
  • Fills voids in silos and abandoned mines
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure on walls

The Strategic Advantages of Cellular Concrete

Managers and supervisors like cellular concrete technology because it has several distinct advantages over other concrete options:


  • Produced onsite with basic equipment, cellular concrete is an economical way to solve a variety of construction problems (actually multiplies concrete volume by 2.5 times +/-).
  • It can be pumped over long distances to reach the point of placement, easily tackling more difficult engineering projects.
  • For large placements, cellular concrete can be pumped at rates exceeding 100 cubic yards per hour, thus improving construction times.
  • Its broad range of densities and compressive strengths make it a viable option for many construction projects.
  • It can be air cured, unlike autoclaved aerated concrete, and requires no gas or harmful additives for curing. This makes it very environmentally friendly.

The Tactical Advantages of Cellular Concrete

Engineers and contractors like cellular concrete technology because:


  • It’s an extremely versatile and lightweight product.
  • It’s permanent and stable (ideal for load support).
  • It provides 100% compaction to fill spaces entirely without shrinkage.
  • It’s durable and noncorrosive.
  • It’s insulating (can contain up to 80% air), which also makes the curing more complete.
  • It absorbs shock waves.
  • It’s a highly fluid material that is self-leveling.
  • It has high freeze-thaw resistance.