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5825  W.  STATE  RTE.  161 

5825 W. STATE RTE. 161

Soil Stabilization & Road Reclaiming

A large number of roads and access ways exist today in varying degrees of disrepair, having suffered from a lack of investment for many years. The use of new materials to upgrade the roadways is prohibitively expensive and the roads are therefore left to continue deteriorating. In many cases, temporary topping up of the potholes is seen as a quick fix only to appear costly when the potholes quickly reappear. Road reclamation provides an economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative.


This dependable machine is cost-effective due to its high productivity, minimal material cost and reduced fuel consumption.


The majority of reconstruction materials are used from existing aggregate, which saves trucking time and allows for a faster laying of the new surface.


Existing road materials are recycled, which saves money and conserves valuable natural resources. This method also reduces transportation costs, and improvements in air flow generally eliminate the need for landfill space.


The Strategic Advantages of the RM-350 Reclaimer

Managers and supervisors like the RM-350 Reclaimer because it has several distinct advantages over previous rehabilitation methods:

  • It produces complete reconstruction of the pavement with little or no excavation and removal costs.
  • It saves time because the construction of the roadway is completed much faster, thus reducing public inconvenience and traffic congestion.
  • It’s environmentally friendly because materials are recycled – little or no dumping of waste materials required.
  • It allows for the reuse of all existing aggregate, saving stone costs.
  • Total reconstruction expenses are lower without sacrificing quality.
  • Less equipment is needed to complete the job, which reduces labor costs.
  • Proven reliability means less time spent on maintenance and more productivity for the machine.

The Tactical Advantages of RM-350 Reclaimer

Engineers and contractors like the RM-350 Reclaimer because:

  • The Electronic Control Module (ECM) is used for constant monitoring to ensure peak performance and aid in machine trouble-shooting.
  • Operator stations are designed for comfort, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Two speed ranges allow the machine to operate at maximum torque throughout the entire milling process, or at faster travel speeds for moving around the job site.
  • The electronically controlled anti-stall system allows for maximum production.
  • The propel pump provides balanced flow to the dual displacement front drive motors and provides superior tractive effort in soft underfoot conditions.
  • Its bi-directional mixing capability increases machine efficiency.
  • Three rotor speeds for pulverizing, blending and mixing materials offer maximum performance in a variety of cutting depths.